2018 New Year, New Start

5th January 2018

2018 New Year - New Start


It’s that time of the year again when a large amount of the population decide it’s time for a new start and a change.  These normally take the form of a resolution, favourites being giving up smoking, giving up drinking, giving up junk food, going on a diet and joining a gym. So now the resolutions are set, the trip to the January sales commences to stock up on those new necessities. Your internet browsing history is a mixture of google searches for local gyms or applications to join Weight Watchers! 

Despite all of this it is a fairly safe bet that on writing this on the 5th January that some people have already given in to temptation and have started uttering the phrase “I`ll do it next year”!

So having bought a no smoking kit, the Nutri bullet for healthy eating, the latest Davina McCall fitness DVD plus associated equipment and reduced price lycra from Sports Direct. All you have managed to achieve is to clog up the house.

Couple this with the mountain of new toys and games for the kids and the large dodgy vase from dear old Aunt Marge, means unnecessary clutter and mess around your house and life. A nice simple solution presents itself – A self Storage Unit!  Not only would you be able to clear up the clutter you’ll be able to hide the new gym gear away till next Januarys resolution thus hiding the guilt and saving you money next year!!  With 24/7 access you`ll also still be able to come grab the dodgy vase should Aunt Marge decide to spring a surprise visit!

The other bonus is the effort required to load your car, van or storage unit will help to burn those valuable calories!

To discuss your storage options give your friendly Strongroom “personal trainer” a call!!