Ice Cleaning Services

20th November 2018



Having previously run their business from a garden summerhouse, Ice Cleaning Services decided it was time to search for a more professional environment to operate.

At the start of 2018, they took the plunge to expand their services and approached Strongroom for an office & storage area for their equipment. With a comprehensive licence agreement in place, we equipped them with a 250 sqft office, parking space and general utilities.

 Almost a year on, they have successfully grown their business and are proud to be able to invite customers & suppliers to their operation.

The proprietors of Ice Cleaning Services, Lee & Mark commented - 'we operate a professional cleaning business covering the Southampton & Waterside area. From ovens to carpets, residential to commercial, we cover it all. Being able to have potential customers and staff into our office gives us the extra professional touch, we are lucky to have the security, easy access and super staff on hand to help with any queries we may have. This allows us to run our business with ease & efficiency’