It is all about equipment.... isn’t it???

20th July 2017

It is all about equipment.... isn’t it???


As with all modern sports there is now a high degree of focus placed on the equipment used to play the sport in question. From a boot that it is so light it can help you run faster to a swim suit that prevents water from sticking to the body. 


The latest technology is particularly prevalent in the world of golf. There is no doubt that at the professional level where the finest of margins can be the difference between winning and losing this type of technology can play a part. But what about the vast majority of people who enjoy golf at the amateur level?


The research and development departments of the world’s major golf brands are always working hard to bring out the longest club they have ever produced to give you an extra couple of yards on the course. All of course with a premium cost attached! If you believed the marketing you could purchase a new driver annually and each year be able to hit a ball further than the previous.


This is not necessarily a view that I subscribe too. At some point once you strip the technology out you are ultimately left with the individual holding the club. The person who doesn’t have a robotic arm swing, the person who has emotions and can feel pressure. Will the latest technology help with this? I think not.


It can be argued that the technique of the individual is more important than the equipment at the amateur level. It is my view that a better return on investment would be coaching lessons with a registered PGA professional (of which I am not). For the cost of a new driver it could be possible to receive up to ten lessons which would go a long way to correcting poor technique, help deal with varying conditions and of course pressure situations. 


The time spent with a coach can instil sound technique and principles at the beginning and then, as things progress, the odd ad hoc lesson to straighten out things that are not quite working.


As a golfer becomes more proficient then newer equipment can be used to its true potential which will make the game more enjoyable.


At Strongroom we see many customers who have their equipment in self storage. As the weather improves it could be a great time to dust off the clubs get some lessons and enjoy the wonderful game. Your old or new equipment can then be put back into storage so it does not clutter up your home. With 24/7 access you can grab your clubs on the way to the course whenever you fancy!