20th September 2017


The very word feels some people with dread and fear and to others they are just a creature going about their lives.

At this time of year our eight legged friends start to move inside for warmer drier conditions for the winter months.
Now the spider is a very clever creature in this respect and us mere mortals could follow the example when it comes to our storage needs.

All the summer garden bits that you are either going to leave outside under a cover or shoved into the back of a shed would benefit from being stored in one of our warehouses. Our warehouses are clean, dry and at a constant temperature. This will ensure no mold, dirt or damage occurs to your possessions over the winter months. We also do regular checks to make sure no spiders get in to our warehouse!

A small unit for the winter months is not as expensive as you might think and once the cold dark days are replaced by lovely warm spring days you can move your garden furniture back outside and enjoy watching the spiders that have also moved back outside!

Save yourself a trip to the Garden Centre this spring having to look for new patio furniture, parasols and cushions. Store your things instead and keep them in great condition.

Don’t forget that once spring has sprung we also sell patio gas for your BBQ or patio heater.
Just goes to show how much of a one stop shop Strongroom has become. Storage and gas without a spider in sight!