What is GDPR?

12th March 2018

What on earth is this GDPR thing that I keep hearing about and is it something I should be worried about?


GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, is effectively the secure self storage of your personal details and is designed to protect consumers information.  If you run a business which stores information then changes will need to be made. In the most simple of terms, GDPR can be broken down into 8 short words – 


“Don`t be an idiot with other peoples information!”


From a customers point of view, the new regulations give you a lot more control of who has your information and how they store it, the main points being –

You can remove your consent for a company to hold your data

You can request a copy of the data that a company holds on you

You have the right to be forgotten, for your data to be deleted!

You have the right to transfer your information to a different organisation

You have the right to expect corrections be made to the information an organisation holds on you.


The big one for you as a customer is the right to be forgotten, it can be brilliant for you if you are bombarded with nuisance calls from the same old marketing companies, all you now need to do is ask for your details to be forgotten.

Now I could go on about all the new regulations, however in doing so it would turn this relatively short blog post into a new edition of War & Peace!! So we shall leave it at just this for now but just so you can be sure, Strongroom are not only experts in keeping your belongings safe, but we are also experts in keeping your identities safe too!!