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6th March 2018

Downsizing   Downsizing is something traditionally associated with what happens when you retire, however we are now noticing more and more of the younger generation are also affected by...

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2018 New Year, New Start

5th January 2018

2018 New Year - New Start   It’s that time of the year again when a large amount of the population decide it’s time for a new start and a change.  These normally take the...

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Stamp Duty Boost

27th November 2017

Stamp duty boost! Now we know that many of our customers are in the process of buying or moving, and it was great to see that last week`s budget offered a boost to those seeking to buy for the...

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Strongroom – Also known as Santa’s Little Helper

23rd October 2017

Strongroom – Also known as Santa’s Little Helper   Christmas! Who would have thought we would be discussing it before Christmas Eve?! With children up and down the country now...

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20th September 2017

Spiders! The very word feels some people with dread and fear and to others they are just a creature going about their lives. At this time of year our eight legged friends start to move inside...

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Brexit, the housing market and self storage

21st August 2017

Brexit, the housing market and self-storage With Article 50 now triggered and negotiations progressing (or not depending on your view!), the nation is holding its breath and is desperately...

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